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Cornerstone Analytics

Put your talent data to work and make better workforce decisions.

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Intuition is Good, but Data is Better

Cornerstone Analytics gives you complete control of your data for all types of reporting, whether it's for compliance or predicting the future. Move your Big Data strategy forward and optimise the performance of your workforce through fact-based decision-making versus guesswork and intuition in hiring and managing your people.

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Cornerstone Reporting

Highly configurable reports and dashboards deliver real-time talent data from across the Cornerstone suite. Our proprietary business intelligence tools instantly and accurately provide data through 150+ standard and custom reports and dashboards.

Cornerstone View

Effortlessly search, filter and compare people with interactive data visualisation tools anytime on a tablet device. Answer critical workforce questions using data from across Cornerstone products.

Cornerstone Planning

Enable smarter, more-efficient headcount planning by improving collaboration across Finance, HR and management. Generate interactive headcount forecasts, see cost impacts and identify talent gaps to improve your hiring and development planning.

Cornerstone Insights

Predict the future of your talent with our predictive, prescriptive analytics solution, Cornerstone Insights. With our Career Mobility dashboard, you can understand mobility throughout your organisation and get recommendations on career paths for your workforce.

Career Development (future Insights)

Identify new, and potentially counterintuitive, sources for succession planning. With these new insights, you can improve employee engagement and performance by providing employees with career paths for their upward mobility.

Flight Risk (future Insights)

Employee turnover drives increased replacement costs, loss of knowledge, and delayed projects. With better insight into flight risk predictive factors, you can retain high-performing employees for longer and lower overall employee attrition.

  • Cornerstone Reporting
  • Cornerstone View
  • Cornerstone Planning
  • Cornerstone Insights
  • Career Development (future Insights)
  • Flight Risk (future Insights)

Benefits of Cornerstone Analytics

Perform your critical compliance reporting and everyday talent record-keeping, while harnessing the power of predictive analytics to make better decisions for the future and to push employee productivity to the next level.

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Unified Data across the Employee Lifecycle

One of the great advantages of an organically built talent management system is the unified data model that lies under the surface. With Cornerstone, you access data from all of your talent management processes seamlessly from one source.

The Right Data in the Right Hands at the Right Time

Schedule reports to be delivered to key executives at the moment of need. Roll out slick, graphical dashboards to your managers and let them drill down into the data they need most. Provide rich insights to hire the best talent for your open positions and make game-changing decisions by leveraging sophisticated, predictive analytics.

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product benefits graphic

Uncover How to Drive Competitive Edge

Organisations using sophisticated technology to gain deep insights about their talent have healthier leadership pipelines, improved innovation, and higher returns. Drive your competitive edge by gaining more powerful information about your organisation’s workforce.

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