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BJC HealthCare Helps to Ensure Quality Patient Care and Standard Competencies Using Cornerstone OnDemand’s Software

One of the nation’s largest non-profit healthcare organizations uses Cornerstone’s learning management system to facilitate training and compliance management for 26,400 employees

Santa Monica, Calif. – December 8, 2010  Talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand announced today that BJC HealthCare is using Cornerstone’s learning management system (LMS) to facilitate training and compliance management for 26,400 employees across 13 hospitals and multiple community health locations in the greater St. Louis area.

Since launching its online learning center, BJC has been able to make it easier and more convenient for its busy staff to access comprehensive, high-quality training, including classroom training and e-learning courses. This helps to ensure superior patient care and safety, as well as compliance with accreditation standards and requirements imposed by Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and state agencies. Providing a centralized learning resource also will allow BJC to standardize a common set of clinical competencies across its system, so that nursing staff can more easily migrate and pick up shifts between facilities. And administrators are now able to monitor and report on training and compliance progress in real time.

“Using Cornerstone’s system to create a centralized learning portal had an immediate impact on the organization,” said Jeanne Bonzon, Director of Learning and Development for BJC HealthCare. “Not only were costs reduced, but our managers also are better able to see at a glance where training is needed, and then assign that training to staff. And since the learning center is more like a typical Web page, with flash graphics and video, it offers a much better user experience for our employees.”

One of the nation’s largest non-profit healthcare organizations, BJC had been using a combination of manual and automated processes to manage training and compliance before investing in Cornerstone’s software. But a growing employee base, expanded services and the increasing complexities of the healthcare regulatory system required a technology solution that was configurable and scalable enough to meet the organization’s unique needs and support continued growth. BJC also wanted to provide administrators with a solution that could streamline training oversight and compliance reporting.

“We wanted a solution that had expansion capabilities and gave us the ability to easily configure the portal the way we wanted it to look. Those requirements, along with robust reporting capabilities, really sold us on Cornerstone’s software,” said Bonzon. “We pride ourselves on excellence in others, and that says a lot about our relationship with the Cornerstone team.”

BJC HealthCare is now working to link training with performance management using Cornerstone’s new Observation Checklist feature, which allows organizations to assess and record an employee’s skills and competencies while directly observing specific activities in the field. Said Bonzon, “Automating a process that used to be paper-based will make it easier for our administrators and managers to further ensure compliance, as well as track and monitor care delivery across the hospitals and clinics in our network.”

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