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New Features Put Cornerstone OnDemand’s Enterprise Social Networking Platform on Par with Stand-Alone Solutions

Updates across Cornerstone’s talent management suite make it an even more intuitive and advanced solution for managing and developing a high-performing workforce

Santa Monica, Calif., December 17, 2009 Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. today unveiled several new features and enhancements across its entire learning and talent management software suite designed to provide organizations with an even more advanced solution for connecting, managing and developing a high-performing workforce. This includes significant updates to its platforms for enterprise social networking and succession management.

“As organizations prepare for economic recovery, it is more important than ever to ensure they have the right talent and leadership to carry out the business strategy and sustain long-term success,” said Adam Miller, President and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand. “With direct input from our clients, we’ve added new capabilities to our unified talent suite that make Cornerstone the most effective solution in the market for identifying, developing and retaining high-performers and future leaders.”

The first talent management software vendor to integrate social networking and collaboration tools with its suite, Cornerstone’s latest version of its Cornerstone Connect platform puts it on par with stand-alone enterprise social networking solutions. Updates include:

  • Redesigned Interfaces – Redesigned user profile and main page interfaces make it easier and more intuitive than ever to access key information.

  • Live Feeds and Status Updates – These new features allow users to see real-time information updates from around their subscribed communities and connections, as well as share updates on their status, in a familiar format.

  • Updated Administration Tools – Administrators now have the ability to limit posting types by topic, giving them even more control over building and moderating communities.

  • Expanded Reporting Options – An expanded selection of standard reports gives organizations more options for monitoring and assessing employee participation and engagement.

According to research from analyst firm Aberdeen Group, “Best in Class” organizations using social networking and collaboration tools to supplement their learning and talent strategies see a 34 percent improvement in time-to-productivity and a 31 percent improvement in employee retention.1

”Connecting geographically dispersed trainees in a workplace community where they can get to know one another and share experiences enriches the training and development process,” said Wendie Whelan, Manager HRMS, Talent Development for Advantage Sales & Marketing, which is using Cornerstone Connect to foster informal learning as part of its ACES (Accelerated Career Excellence in Sales) sales and leadership development program. “As users become more engaged, participation increases and more content is captured, the community will evolve into a valuable information resource for our company.”

Enhanced Succession Management Solution

On the heels of Cornerstone’s launch of the Career Center suite of employee career management tools, the company has updated its Cornerstone Succession platform to be more intuitive, streamline workflow and provide greater usability for both administrators and end-users. Enhancements include:

  • Metric Grid Updates – New functionality allows for more interactivity via drag-and-drop for grid calibration. Users also are now able to configure custom grid sizes, as well as adjust the distribution of ratings on the metric grid.

  • Development Plans – From the Succession task, managers can now create a new development plan or add training and development items to an existing plan.

  • Competencies – Competencies can now be pulled in to display the most recent ratings for an employee. And they can be added by model, job profile, or the most recent completed assessment task.

  • Candidate Searching – The system now allows for on-the-fly candidate searching from within the task based on job profile, making it simple to locate recommended successors for a particular job in the current succession plan.

Beyond enterprise social networking and succession, other enhancements to Cornerstone’s software include a new recurring training tool that simplifies scheduling of recurring courses, particularly for compliance purposes, and new dynamic employee relationship tools to create custom employee relationships for performance review purposes.

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